A Soldier Returns Home: It's a Great Day to Be A Trojan!

Written By: Joedy Barnes, Barnes Enterprise


Jessica Brooks (pictured above) deployed to Kuwait before her daughter, Kyesia Johnson, started her high school journey at ASH.  Both have fought their own battles, and both have sacrificed this year. SSGT Brooks, an Army soldier in 88 M, has missed her daughter making the honor roll three straight times.  She has also had to missed her daughter earning a spot on ASH’s pomline and, most recently, she missed her daughter becoming an ASH Cheerleader.

Beginning high school is hard for every student.  ASH has over 1,100 students, over 50 extra curricular activities, serves thousands of hours in the community each year, and remains a beacon of success through all standardized testing.  It is easy to get lost in a school this size. Throughout this year, Kyesia has kept a strong persona. Activities have kept her busy, and working hard at school has kept her focused.

7,000+ miles and 19+ hours around the word SSGT Brooks begins her tour in Kuwait.  Kuwait stands as a strong strategic country in America’s fight in the Middle East. The US helps to maintain Kuwait’s sovereignty, and in return America has used Kuwait to safely withdraw soldiers after combat, gather intelligence, and reinforce soldiers directly in combat.  SSGT Brook’s 10 month tour has been rough for both her family at home, and her fiancé stationed overseas, as well.

The safe return of SSGT Brooks and the reunion with her daughter, Kyesia, brought nothing but smiles.  Thank you for your service to our country and welcome home!


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