Get That Brand New Lens!!!! (After....)

I know that YouTube video about the new and shiny camera is tempting.  20 frames a second?  102,000 ISO?  300 autofocus points, dual card slots, 4k video... the list goes on and on why that new camera is awesome.

What about that new lens?  Art, Super Performance, L Series, Image Stabilized, Vibration Compensation, Vibration Reduction, f/2.8, f/1.4, and f/1.2 calling your name?  Have you ever taken that shot and thought "if only I had that lens", "if only I had that camera", or "if only I had that new feature"?

Lenses and cameras are awesome because we can put our hands on them.  They come with a full list of features that we can talk about.  But like all marketing, they are designed to make us want something we don't have.  Just like a new model car, or the latest cell phone, they are marketed and designed to make you want more.  The new camera is awesome for the same reason that new lens is awesome, light.  At the end of the day, it's about lighting a scene properly, adjusting for ambient light, and capturing the proper exposure.  Very few reviews are done on a lighting system.  Even fewer are done with backdrops, diffusers, and reflectors.  The most important part of your kit is lighting.  Lighting is not as cool as cameras or lenses, but a single camera, a single lens, and proper lighting mean more to quality photography than a bag full of lenses.  I have included some shots, below, to demonstrate what lighting does for an image.  (A single Speedlight was used behind the subject as a trigger for the other two strobes.  The Speedlight was attached to barn doors to angle the light up and create the "hotspot" you see on the backdrop.  The key light was a 350w strobe with a 43" Westcott Apollo Orb diffuser.  The fill light is a 250w strobe with a 43" Westcott Apollo Orb diffuser.)