My Family

My name is Joedy Barnes.  Pictured with me is my wife Sarah, and my two children, Sebastian and Felicity.  I started this as a hobby and pass time about 7 years ago as a website designer.  I quickly learned that most people just don't have the media necessary to build their site and found myself taking pictures and video to build sites.  I fell in love with photography and began to shoot everything I could from that point forward.

Photography allows me the time with my family, the ability to meet new and exciting people, and the chance to support my family doing something that I love.  I know everyone has an iPhone these days and Android phones with super resolution, but at the end of the day, when you want to hang those pictures, capture that moment, remember that event, a professional photographer is there to capture that moment for you and let it live forever.

As my wife and I expand into more studio and commercial work, I hope that your family, business, and friends will join us as we hope to grow a professional, compassionate, and personal photography business.  Thank you and God Bless.